Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney

The best of the best. Mr Badgley is very professional and personal and his staff is super nice and on top of what they do. I definitely recommend them!!!!

Giovanni D., Orlando, FL

When ever faced with a mountain of bills and it appears there is no way out but bankruptcy it is a very tough and sad decision. I was faced with this monster after a rough divorce and years of trying to play catch up I sought out help. I was referred to Jeff from a close and trusted friend. When I met with Jeff and he went over step by step on what to expect and how it would happen and what we needed to do. Jeff was very personable, understanding and compassionate. He went out of his way to make it painless and treated me as a friend. My case had some crazy twists and turns and unexpected issues and Jeff handled them with out an problem. When all was said and done I felt a huge burden had been lifted and Jeff was the one who did it for me. I would highly recommended Jeff for all your legal needs his knowledge, experience and professionalism is top notch and one of the few I can say 2 thumbs up to!!! Mr. Badgley gets 5 stars and I will tell anyone and everyone looking for an attorney he’s your man.

Zak Zakaluk, Orlando, FL

I would like to express my appreciate to Attorney Jeff Badgley, Tammy Flores and the staff at the Badgley Law Group. Going through a bankruptcy is a very stressful thing to do and the Badgley Law Group made me feel well taken care of and paid attention to ever detail concerning my case. I would highly recommend them! Thank you for all of your help!

Frank Gardner, Orlando, FL

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with the efforts of The Badgley Law Group in helping me through the process of filing my bankruptcy case. The guidance and support provided in assembling the necessary documents to complete the case made the process relatively effortless and painless. My hesitations and fears in embarking on this necessary project by were alayed by the compassionate and efficient process by BLG as we approached the court phase. The court process along with the completion of the case ending went with no hitches for a job well done. Thanks to Jeff and his staff for their superb help……….RWB

Ron, Orlando, FL